The term “vinyl tile” is applied to many products on the market today-from 100% pure vinyl to vinyl composite tile. Thickness is also an important feature when considering Vinyl Tile. Vinyl tile is produced as either multi-layered, solid throughout or as a mixture of vinyl and fillers. Others still have a special backing for acoustic performance. Each product has been designed to meet very specific criteria.

Vinyl Tile allows for flexibility of design and ease of repair. Mosaic Carpet & Flooring offers an extensive product range to meet your project’s specific application requirements in residential spaces, retail environments, restaurants, schools, public gathering places, computer rooms, laboratories, long term care facilities, food stores and hotels.

Mirra Collection, Amtico

Mirra flooring features an extensive collection of unique patterns, colours, and sizes to resemble ceramic, travertine, slate, marble, terrazzo, concrete, metal checkerplate and wood plank flooring with limitless design capabilities. Ideal for heavy commercial traffic applications, Mirra Vinyl Tile offers ease of maintenance and high performance with a ten-year wear warranty.

Vinyl Composite Tile

Heritage Stone Series, Amtico
Designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s interior finishes, Amtico has created a totally new chip visual. As a relatively inexpensive flooring material, initial product and installation costs can meet limited budgets. However, Vinyl Composite Tile requires an ongoing maintenance program to retain its surface.

Electrotile, Amtico

Electrotile Vinyl Tiles are essential to safeguard critical equipment in today’s sensitive electronic environments. Electrotile Static Dissipative (SDT) and Conductive (CVT) vinyl tiles have been developed to meet the strict criteria of electrical resistance performance requirements.


When considering the choices of vinyl, we would urge you to contact us for further information. We can help you to navigate throught the products available, the installation requirements and the maintenance of each product.