Resilient floors, as the name implies, have some “give” or elasticity to them. They are available in a wide variety of colours and textures.


Rubber floors have much to recommend them. Today they can be purchased in a wide array of colour and texture. Rubber flooring is available in either sheet or tile formats for your convenience. It is extremely durable, virtually indestructable, quiet and warm to walk on and resists dents and stains. The waterproof surface has an anti-slip finish. It is a relatively expensive flooring choice and must be installed by an experienced installer for maximum performance.


No other floor covering category offers the selection, styling, and ease of maintenance as a vinyl floor! Thanks to some great advancements in styling and technology, vinyl flooring has been changed forever. Vinyl flooring can now realistically mimic the look and textures of real ceramic, stone and wood grain patterns. These amazing replicas have such incredible realism it is difficult for most people to tell whether it’s the real thing or not.
Vinyl Composite Tile is a cost effective product for many installations. It is available in a wide array of colours and can look good anywhere. Spare tiles can be kept on hand to repair worn areas. The tile format opens up unlimited possibilities for creating your own unique patterns.

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